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Burkina Faso: Child Labour Migration from Rural Areas

Author(s): A. Kielland I. Sanogo

Expansion of labour market and consequentially new requirements to professional training challenge traditional education system in many African states. In Burkina Faso migration, both educated and uneducated youth towards urban areas, and towards the neighbouring countries, has become a result of the structural change. This report looks at the migration of children from rural areas in Burkina Faso towards cities and other countries. Through the research presented in this report it was aimed to answer three core questions: (a)What is the extent of child labour migration from rural areas of Burkina Faso? (b) What are the high-risk areas for child labour migration in Burkina Faso? (c) What are the characteristics of child labour migrants, their families and villages? The report demonstrates that there has been little concrete information on the migration of Burkinabe children. Analyzing the urban data from DHS/INSAE in Burkina Faso, it was found that the likelihood that an urban child attends school decreases with an increased distance in family relation to the household head. Report stresses importance of the local governments and NGOs due to a strong correlation between lack of schooling and child labour migration. In the majority of cases used for the report, children were sent away for educational purposes, even though they were not sent to formal schools. Report suggests that improved living standards in rural areas would reduce some of the incentives for child labour migration.

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Document information

Author(s): A. Kielland I. Sanogo


World Bank (WB); Terre des Homme (TH)



Main theme(s):

Children Left Behind Independent Child Migration

Sub-theme(s): Internal South - North

Tertiary theme(s): Economic Fostering Rural - Urban

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Keywords: Agriculture Country - Benin Country - Burkina Faso Country - Cote d'Ivoire Country - Mali Education Poverty Region - West Africa Trafficking


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