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South - South

South - South refers to international migration between the countries of the South.  Very little information exists on children migrating between developing countries, as the predominant work has been on migration from countries of the south to industrialised countries of the North.  The phenomenon of South-South migration is neither insignificant nor limited to a select few developing countries. Although the phenomenon of South-South migration is not new, the migration of people within developing countries has been consistently underpayed by researchers and policymakers. The list below highlights the most recent documents added to the theme of South-South migration. More results of South-South migration can be viewed by clicking at the link at the end of the page.

Themes resources

Reading skills of young immigrants in Canada: the effects of duration of residency, home language exposure and schools

Author: HRSDC

Publication date: June 2008


The purpose of this report is to examine the impact of duration of residency , home language exposure and schools...

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Researching the Impact of Partial Labour Migration on a Child: Failure of Attachment Theory

Author: Gedas Malinauskas

Publication date: 2006


The aim of the article is to introduce a research report revealing the peculiarities of children experience when...

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Undocumented Migrants and Refugees in Malaysia: Raids, Detention and Discrimination

Publication date: March 2008


The report explores the current immigration context in Malaysia from the domestic and international perspective by...

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Dreams and Disappointments: Migration and Families in the Context of HIV and AIDS

Publication date: August 2008


The purpose of this paper is to explore the short- and long-term implications of migration for families within...

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Migration and Child Labour - Exploring Child Migrant Vulnerabilities and Those of Children Left Behind

Author: H. van de Glind

Publication date: September 2010


The working paper attempts to describe the correlation between migration and child labour by reviewing secondary...

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