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South - North

This refers to international migration from countries of the south to countries of the north.  This is one of the areas where there is extensive work done, for example on second generation Indian migrants in the U.K.  However, most of the research highlighted by the CMRN will focus on those children likely to be affected by migration policies of the Northern countries, first generation migrant children or refugees and asylum seekers.  The list below highlights the most recent documents added to the theme of South - North migration.  

Themes resources

Children's Work and Independent Child Migration: A Critical Review

Author: E. Edmonds; M. Shrestha

Publication date: 2009


This review considers the evidence from child labour research that is relevant to understanding independent child...

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Moving Beyond Ethnicity: The Socio-Economic Status and Living Conditions of Immigrant Children in the UK

Author: H. Crawley

Publication date: 2010


Due to copyright law this article can only be accessed via the publisher's website. To access the article, please...

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Unwelcome Responsibilities

Publication date: July 2007


This report addresses the treatment of unaccompanied migrant children in the Canary Islands after their arrival....

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Returns at Any Cost

Publication date: October 2008


This report highlights the government's failure to provide unaccompanied children with independent legal...

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Eternal Emergency

Publication date: June 2010


This report examines the situation of unaccompanied migrant children in three large-scale emergency centers in the...

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