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South - North

This refers to international migration from countries of the south to countries of the north.  This is one of the areas where there is extensive work done, for example on second generation Indian migrants in the U.K.  However, most of the research highlighted by the CMRN will focus on those children likely to be affected by migration policies of the Northern countries, first generation migrant children or refugees and asylum seekers.  The list below highlights the most recent documents added to the theme of South - North migration.  

Themes resources

Latino Immigrant Teens and Parents: Migration and Mental Health

Author: K. M. Perreira; S. Potochnick

Publication date: 2008


The last decade has been characterized by an unprecedented growth in the Latino population of North Carolina. This...

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Migration, Development and Children Left Behind: A Multidimensional Approach

Author: R. de la Garza

Publication date: May 2010


This report examines the relationship between migration and development from a multi-faceted perspective. It draws...

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Unaccompanied Minors in the Migration Process

Publication date: December 2010


This study attempts to determine the magnitude of the phenomenon of unaccompanied minors arriving irregularly in...

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Undocumented Children in Europe: Invisible Victims of Immigration Restrictions

Publication date: 2009


This report is the result of a two-year European project entitled "Fighting Discrimination-Based Violence Against...

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Children, Adolescents and Migration: Filling the Evidence Gap

Publication date: June 2010


The absence of information on basic migration trends and its impacts on children and adolescents severely hampers...

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