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Migration and Children: The Case of Barangay Suba, Cebu City

Author(s): P.A. Fabe


Over the last ten years Cebu City (The Philippines) has experienced rapid economic growth. One tangible result of this development has been the influx of migrants from the surrounding municipalities, provinces and regions in the country and the increased number of children on the streets. This study aims to analyze the effects of migration on children in order to understand how the equity issue applies to children. The concept of equity in this sense not only covers equality of opportunity and equality of access but also the distribution of consumption, wealth and human capital. In order to explore the impact of migration on children, a three-level analysis has been applied. A first step sought to identify the general aspects of migration trends in Cebu City based on secondary sources. Second, a survey of migration was conducted in an urban Barangay which included 200 respondents: children, parents and Barangay officials. Third, a micro-analysis was employed to bring to light the effects of migration on the most vulnerable groups of children. The initial research into the broad migration trends demonstrates that the migration of families is usually led by the father, followed then by his wife and children. This pattern of continuous inflow of migration by families results in the formation of a very large squatter community in Barangay Suba. In addition research findings reveal that negative macroeconomic indices, such as high inflation, low wages and low levels of food production potentially translate into an increase in migration from rural to urban areas. With regard to the effects of migration on children specifically, several negative effects have been identified, e.g. earnings below the minimum wage, long working hours, compulsory contribution to the family household and the legal inability to protect children from exploitive labour.


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Author(s): P.A. Fabe


Save the Children (UK) The Philippines



Main theme(s):

Migration with Families

Sub-theme(s): Internal

Tertiary theme(s): Economic Rural - Urban Urban - Urban

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Keywords: City - Cebu Country - the Philippines Decision-making District - Barangay Economic growth Education Gender Living Conditions Parenthood Policy Poverty Risks


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