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Invisible Children in the Dominican Republic: A Minor Field Study on Obstacles to Birth Registration

Author: M. Flygge

Publication date: 16/01/2012


Birth registration is a fundamental key in ensuring several essential rights of the child; including the right to...

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Migration and Education: Child Migrants in Bangladesh

Author: L. Giani

Publication date: March 2006


The paper examines the rural-urban migration patterns of children who move to Dhaka city, Bangladesh, either on...

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Research Report on Children's Independent Migration from Northeastern to Central Ghana

Author: I. M. Hashim

Publication date: June 2005


This report discusses findings of a research carried out in Ghana with independent child migrants  and...

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'After the Storm'. Economic Activities among Children and Youth in Return Areas in Post-war Liberia: the Case of Voinjama

Author: A. Hatloy, M. Boas

Publication date: 2006


This report maps types of formal and informal work which children and youth (in the age group 10-18) are involved...

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'Hellish Work': Exploitation of Migrant Tobacco Workers in Kazakhstan

Publication date: July 2010


The report provides an insight into the current situation of migrant tobacco workers in Kazakhstan. The study is...

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