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Latest resources relevant to Poverty

Labour Supply, School Attendance and Remittances from International Migration: the Case of El Salvador

Author: P. Acosta

Publication date: April 2006


This paper presents some evidence on how remittances can affect household labour supply and investment in the...

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Migration and Children: The Case of Barangay Suba, Cebu City

Author: P.M. Amparo

Publication date: 01/10/2002



Over the last ten years Cebu City (The Philippines) has experienced rapid economic growth. One...

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Migration and Education: Child Migrants in Bangladesh

Author: L. Giani

Publication date: March 2006


The paper examines the rural-urban migration patterns of children who move to Dhaka city, Bangladesh, either on...

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Migration and Health: A Review of the International Literature

Author: L. McKay; S. Macintyre; A. Ellaway

Publication date: January 2003


This report provides a comprehensive review of primary literature on internal and international migration and...

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Migration and Health: The Children of Mexican Immigrants in the U.S.

Publication date: October 2009


This study constitutes a systematic comparison of children of Mexican immigrant families with native born white...

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