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Can Migration reduce Education Attainment? Evidence from Mexico

Author: D. J. McKenzie; H. Rapoport

Publication date: July 2006


This paper examines the impact of migration on educational attainment in rural Mexico. Using historical migration...

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The International Migration of Young Malians: Tradition, Necessity or Rite of Passage?

Author: S. Castle; A. Diarra

Publication date: October 2003


The aim of this study is to explore the causes, context and consequences of youth migration in Mali. The research...

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Children's migration for work in Bangladesh: The extra- and intra-household factors that shape 'choice' and 'decision-making'

Author: Karin Heissler

Publication date: 24/06/2008


This article presents findings from fieldwork carried out for my D.Phil thesis on ‘choice' in children's...

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Going to Kompienga. A Study on Child Labour Migration and Trafficking in Burkina Faso's South-Eastern Cotton Sector.

Author: A. de Lange

Publication date: August 2006


This study addresses rural-rural child labour migration on one specific migration route in Eastern Burkina, which...

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Refugee Children in Cairo: An Invisible 'at Risk' Group in the City

Author: B. Harrell-Bond; A. El-Hilaly; A. Schaeffer

Publication date: N/A


The main idea of the paper is to document the existence and situation of refugee children. The focus of this...

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Well‐being of Migrant Children and Migrant Youth in Europe

Author: Kenneth Harttgen and Stephan Klasen

Publication date: July 2008


This paper provides an overview of existing approaches and findings, and asks further questions about how...

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Nowhere to Turn: State Abuses of Unaccompanied Migrant Children by Spain and Morocco

Publication date: May 2002


This report is the result of one of a series of Human Rights Watch investigations into the treatment of migrants...

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If Only I Get Enough Money for a Bicycle! A Study of Childhoods, Migration and Adolescent Aspirations Against a Backdrop of Exploitation and Trafficking in Burkina Faso

Author: D. Thorsen

Publication date: 15/09/2008


This paper focuses on adolescent children's independent migration to rural towns and urban areas in search of...

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