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Migration with Families

Children migrating with families refers to children who directly experience mobility, together with their parents.  Most research on migrant families is focused on the family unit or the household. It assumes the adults are the key actors and the children often become invisible due to their assigned status of dependents. The research highlighted within this theme brings to fore the children's perspectives. It highlights children's participation within the migration process of the family. The theme aims to show the active role children can play within the migration process, the community they become part of and the transnational networks they participate in.  

Denied Status, Denied Education

Publication date: April 2008


In the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture in eastern Jilin province, northeast China, many North Korean children...

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Depression among Latino Children in the Public Child Welfare System

Author: C. Ayon; M.O.Marcenko

Publication date: 2008


Due to copyright law this article can only be accessed via the publisher's website. To access the article, please...

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Destitution amongst asylum-seeking and refugee children

Author: Children's Society

Publication date: May 2010


This publication looks at the growing numbers of asylum-seeking children, young people and their families who have...

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Development and Research Centre on Migration, Globalisation and Poverty (MigrationDRC)

Publication date: 24/11/2008


The Development Research Centre on Migration, Globalisation and Poverty (Migration DRC) was...

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Distress Seasonal Migration and its Impact on Children's Education

Publication date: May 2008


Drought and lack of work in villages forces entire families to migrate for several months every year in search of...

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