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Drawing of children

If Only I Get Enough Money for a Bicycle! A Study of Childhoods, Migration and Adolescent Aspirations Against a Backdrop of Exploitation and Trafficking in Burkina Faso

Author(s): D. Thorsen

This paper focuses on adolescent children's independent migration to rural towns and urban areas in search of work. International and  national agencies tend to see this migration through the lens of  crisis, whether as a result of parental ignorance or youngsters' unruliness. Here, the author explores, on the one hand, how these  perceptions correspond with the common perceptions of childhood and  youth in rural areas, and on the other, how rural adolescents describe  their mobility. In the intersection between different notions of  childhood and youth that give rise to conflicting ideas about  adolescents work and migration, the author draws attention to the  adolescents' own rationales, choices and strategies to pursue their  quest for money and meet intergenerational expectations.

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Document information

Author(s): D. Thorsen


Sussex Centre for Migration Research



Main theme(s):

Independent Child Migration

Sub-theme(s): Internal South - South

Tertiary theme(s): Economic Rural - Urban

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Keywords: Child labour Child work Media Migrant identities Motivations Policy discourse Region - West Africa Urban informal sector


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