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Drawing of children

Children's Independent Movements in the era of HIV/AIDS pandemic

Author(s): E.O.Nyambedha

This presentation explores the social impact of the HIV/AIDS pandemic on independent child migrants. It raises three main issues: the definition of child work and labour, the perception of home and the perception of vulnerability. With regard to the first issue, differences between child work and labour are discussed in terms of traditional modes of socialisation in relation to work, changing notions of children's work within families with HIV/AIDS and children's understanding of exploitation. Secondly, the idea of home in children's migration further discusses themes around the sense of belonging to a home, children's movements and children living without a home environment. Finally, these dilemmas lead to new challenges in conceptualizing vulnerability in particular when taking into account the changes in child vulnerability in the context of an AIDS pandemic, the notions of adult responsibility, the emerging phenomenon of child-headed households and the resulting need to include a debate around children's right.

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Document information

Author(s): E.O.Nyambedha


DRC Workshop on Independent Child Migrants: Policy Debates and Dilemmas



Main theme(s):

Independent Child Migration

Sub-theme(s): Internal South - South

Tertiary theme(s): Economic Rural - Rural Rural - Urban

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Keywords: Farm work Migration DRC Policy Workshop


Document Conference Presentation