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The internal migration theme refers to any migration that occurs within a country. This could refer to migration between administrative units of a country which can have similar consequences as international migration in terms of loss of rights, risks of travel and negative stereotyping.  Internal migration is the type of migration most likely to be undertaken by the poorest and the numbers involved dwarf international migrants.  It is estimated that the number of internal migrants in China alone equal that of all the international migrants in the world.
The list below highlights the most recent documents added to the theme of Internal migration. More results of Internal migration can be viewed by clicking at the link at the end of the page.

Themes resources

Remittances and Children's Rights: an Overview of Academic and Policy Literature

Author: R. Cortes

Publication date: January 2007


The report comprises a desk review of academic and policy literature dealing with social impacts of remittances in...

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The Impact of Parental Deprivation on the Development of Children Left Behind by Moldovan Migrants

Publication date: October 2008


This study seeks to assess the consequences of parents' labour migration on children emotional and social...

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International Discrimination against Children: Discrimination against Romani Children and Anti-Discrimination Measures to Address Child Trafficking

Author: Camilla Ida Ravnbol

Publication date: June 2009


This paper engages in a debate on intersectional discrimination and its relationship to child protection. The...

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Youth - an Undervalued Asset: Towards a New Agenda in the Middle East and North Africa - Progress, Challenges and Way Forward

Publication date: September 2007


This report represents an initial attempt to assess the case for investing in youth as systematic development...

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"Becoming Somebody": Youth Transitions through Education and Migration - Evidence from Young Lives, Peru

Author: G. Crivello

Publication date: February 2009


This paper explores the relationship between migration and educational aspirations among young people growing up...

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