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Independent Child Migration

The issue of independent child migrants: children or young people who migrate without their parents, usually accords the children or youth no agency, and portrays them as dependents if not victims.  Within the policy context these children may be labelled unaccompanied minors. The research included within this catalogue will attempt to highlight the studies that do consider the agency of the child migrant. The children's perspectives, their voices, and experiences, their role and expectations of them all provide various understanding of independent child migration that is very different from the narrow discourse of trafficking and forced child labour.  The positives and negatives of independent child migration, on the child and their development are explored in much of the research here.

Child trafficking or Teenage Migration? Bolivian Migrants in Argentina

Author: T. Bastia

Publication date: 12/09/2007


This paper considers the usefulness of the concept of child trafficking through a case study of Bolivian migration...

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Children and Immigration

Author: Christine Harvey

Publication date: 1994


Due to copyright law this article can only be accessed via the publisher's website. To access the article, please...

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Children and Migration: Background Paper for DFID Migration Team

Author: A. Whitehead; I. Hashim

Publication date: 01/03/2005


Globally, high rates of adult migration in various forms means that the numbers of children affected...

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Children crossing borders. Report on unaccompanied minors who have travelled to South Africa

Publication date: July 2007


The aim of this study is to gain an insight into the migration experiences of children who cross international...

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Children in Families Affected by the HIV Epidemic: A Strategic Approach

Author: E. Reid

Publication date: 01/11/1993


This paper argues that the needs of young people start with the knowledge that someone in their family is...

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