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Drawing of children

Children on the Move

Author(s): D. Reale H. van de Glind M. Dottridge

Millions of children are on the move, both within and between countries, with or without their parents. The conditions under which movement takes place are often treacherous, putting migrant children, especially unaccompanied and separated children, at an increased risk of economic or sexual exploitation, abuse, neglect and violence. Policy responses to protect and support these migrant children are often fragmented and inconsistent and while children on the move have become a recognised part of today’s global and mixed migration flows they are still largely invisible in debates on both child protection and migration.

This publication targets policy-makers and practitioners in the field of migration and child protection, along with academics and activists. It sheds light on the situation of migrant children and puts forward pointers for action ahead of the UN High-Level Dialogue on Migration and Development later in 2013.

The publication is the result of a collective effort by a number of specialists from different organizations. It includes articles by Mike Dottridge (an independent child rights specialist who also served as guest editor of the publication), Moussa Harouna Sambou and Fabrizio Terenzio (MAEJT), Hans van de Glind and Anne Kou (ILO), Ana Fonseca, Anna Hardy and Christine Adam (IOM), Daniela Reale (Save the Children UK), Mirela Shuteriqi (Terre des hommes Foundation) and Susu Thatun and Karin Heissler (UNICEF), and a foreword by Professor Francois Crepeau (United Nations Special Rapporteur on the human rights of migrants).

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Document information

Author(s): D. Reale H. van de Glind M. Dottridge


International Organization for Migration



Main theme(s):

Independent Child Migration

Tertiary theme(s): Forced Migration

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