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Assessing the effect of Mothers' Migration on childhood mortality in the informal settlements of Nairobi

Author: A. Konseiga; E. M. Zulu; Y. Ye

Publication date: September 2006


The article analyses the survival patterns of children under five years of age who reside in two informal...

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Autonomy in Child Labor Migrants

Author: V. Iversen

Publication date: 2002


Due to copyright law this article can only be accessed via the publisher's website. To access the article, please...

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Chapter 4. Beyond Remittances: the Effect of Migration on Mexican Households. In "International Migration, Remittances & the Brain Drain"

Author: D. J. McKenzie

Publication date: 2006


This chapter estimates the overall impact of Mexican migration to the United States on several household outcomes,...

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Children and Adolescent in Palestinian Households: Living with the Effects of Prolonged Conflict and Forced Migration

Publication date: April 2001


This study addresses the situation of Palestinian children and adolescents who have experienced prolonged conflict...

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Children's migration for work in Bangladesh: The extra- and intra-household factors that shape 'choice' and 'decision-making'

Author: Karin Heissler

Publication date: 24/06/2008


This article presents findings from fieldwork carried out for my D.Phil thesis on ‘choice' in children's...

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