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Labour Supply, School Attendance and Remittances from International Migration: the Case of El Salvador

Author: P. Acosta

Publication date: April 2006


This paper presents some evidence on how remittances can affect household labour supply and investment in the...

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The Impact of Remittances on Poverty and Human Capital: Evidence from Latin American Household Surveys

Author: P. Acosta; P. Fajnzylber; H. Lopez

Publication date: June 2007


This paper explores the impact of remittances on poverty, education, and health in eleven Latin American countries...

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Preliminary Investigation of Educational Opportunities for Refugee Children in Egypt

Author: W. Afifi

Publication date: August 2003


The intent of this report is to provide more information about current educational opportunities for refugee...

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The Impact of International Migration on Children left Behind: A Case Study of Children from Migrant and Non-Migrant Families in Ghana

Author: K. Owusu Afriyie

Publication date: 2009


This paper explores the impact of migration status of parents on the academic performance, as well as the...

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The Netherlands: the Detention of Irregular Migrants and Asylum-seekers

Publication date: June 2008


Each year some 20,000 irregular migrants and asylum-seekers are detained in the Netherlands, where the use and...

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Migration, Remittances and Children's Schooling in Haiti

Author: C. Amuedo-Dorantes; A. Georges; S. Pozo

Publication date: August 2008


The paper explores the use of remittances to school children left behind in migrant communities in Haiti by...

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Rural-Urban Migration in Bolivia: Advantages and Disadvantages

Author: Lykke E. Andersen

Publication date: 20/02/2002


This paper discusses the advantages and disadvantages of rural-urban migration in Bolivia. The article shows that...

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The Static and Dynamic Benefits of Migration and Remittances in Nicaragua

Author: L. E. Andersen; B. J. Christensen

Publication date: August 2009


This paper utilizes a unique three-wave panel of household data from Nicaragua,...

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