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Children Left Behind

The theme of children left behind covers children who do not move themselves, but are left behind by one or both parents who have migrated. They may live with one parent or stay with other relatives, such as grandparents, aunts or uncles if both parents migrated. Topics covered under this theme include ideas around transnational parenthood, the impact of remittances on the child and child's well being and issues concerning child health and psycho social effects.

Globalisation, Migration and Development: the Role of Mexican Remittances

Author: E. Lopez-Cordova

Publication date: August 2006


This paper explores whether the movement of people across borders fosters development in Mexico. In particular,...

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Grandparents and Grandchildren: Impact of Migration in Moldova. HAI/UNICEF Project Findings and Recommendations

Author: HelpAge International

Publication date: April 2008


The report gives an insight to the situation of children left behind in Moldova. According to an IOM 2006 survey,...

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How Far are the Left-behind Left Behind? A Preliminary Study in Rural China

Author: Xiang Biao

Publication date: 2005


This paper discusses the basic problems faced by those left behind when some member of the community migrate in...

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Human Development Report 2009. Overcoming Barriers: Human Mobility and Development

Publication date: 2009


This report breaks new ground in applying a human development approach to the study of migration. It looks at the...

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Human Rights of Migrant Children

Publication date: 2008



This research summarises how international law protects migrant children. It focuses on the...

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