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Drawing of children

International Migration and Health

Author(s): M. Carballo M. Mboup

This paper takes into account the fact that as people begin to move in greater numbers, more rapidly and across wider ecological spaces, the opportunities for migration of all kinds to affect health in increasingly complex ways will become more evident. As it does, the biomedical and bio-psychosocial dimensions of migration will possibly pose new and more difficult challenges to those who move, those they leave behind (e.g. children) and those who host them in receiving societies. The paper also considers some of the factors involved in this emerging equation, including the social and health conditions that help to determine the character of migration and post-migration settlement. It looks at some of the main policy dimensions and implications associated with the migration-health nexus and while it does not attempt to address internal or forced migration, it recognises that both these types of movement have grown massively over the course of the last half century, and in their own way are also creating new health challenges.


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