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Remittances and Child Labour in Burkina Faso

This paper explores the effects of remittance receipt on child labour in an African context. We
focus on Burkina Faso, a country with a high prevalence of child labour and a high rate of migration. Given the complex relationship between remittance receipt and household time allocation decisions, we instrument remittances using economic conditions in remittance sending countries and explore heterogeneous effects across different types of potential remitters. While remittances have no significant effect on child labour on average, transfers reduce child labour in long-term migrant households, for whom the disruptive effect of migration is no longer felt. We find no gender difference but remittances seem to affect mainly the labour market participation of younger children.

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Journal of Development Studies



Main theme(s):

Children Left Behind

Sub-theme(s): South - South

Tertiary theme(s): Economic

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Keywords: Country - Burkina Faso


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