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A Case for Change. How Refugee Children in England are Missing Out

Author(s): J. Dennis

The aim of this monitoring project was to find out how children and young adults manage their lives in the UK and to record the difficulties they encounter in accessing social services such as education, health and housing placement. The data is collected across different regions of England. All together 118 children and young adults between 11 and 19 years old were surveyed. Key findings demonstrate that 62 of the children and young adults are accessing some form of education, although 56 are not in education at all. The major difficulty is the length of time refugee children have to wait for an appropriate school and college. Moreover, the results of this study have revealed a wide range of education-related issues, including five reports of bullying in schools and a lack of adequate language support. In terms of housing placement, 13 refugee children have not received any support from social services, a situation mirroring that of all young adults whose age had been disputed. The biggest problem with GP services is lack of access. Out of 118 children surveyed, 36 of them are not registered with a GP. In addition, there are further difficulties once people have registered with a GP. Sometimes children have to travel a long way to reach the only GP whose practice will allow them to register. The main conclusion of the report is that young people who are already socially excluded by the nature of their status and who recently arrived in a strange country, can ill-afford to be excluded to an even greater extent by the statutory services whose responsibility it is to help them. The government, which claims to have such a strong commitment to end child poverty and has taken action to reduce the social exclusion of children, should ensure that this commitment and action includes children who are refugees and asylum seekers.


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Document information

Author(s): J. Dennis


British Refugee Council



Main theme(s):

Independent Child Migration

Sub-theme(s): South - North

Tertiary theme(s): Asylum-Refugees

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Keywords: Country - UK Education Housing placement Policy Poverty Risks


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