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"Welcome to Kenya"

Publication date: June 2010



This report documents widespread police extortion of asylum seekers trying to reach three camps...

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A Profile of the World's Young Developing Country Migrants

Author: D. J. McKenzie

Publication date: October 2006


This paper aims to explore different patterns of youth migration by using microdata from national censuses and...

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Assessing the effect of Mothers' Migration on childhood mortality in the informal settlements of Nairobi

Author: A. Konseiga; E. M. Zulu; Y. Ye

Publication date: September 2006


The article analyses the survival patterns of children under five years of age who reside in two informal...

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Can Child Migration in Nepal Be Explained Under the Modernisation Perspective

Author: Y. B. Gurung

Publication date: May 2000


Considering the situation of child migrants in Nepal, this paper tries to explain the migration of children in the...

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Can Migration reduce Education Attainment? Evidence from Mexico

Author: D. J. McKenzie; H. Rapoport

Publication date: July 2006


This paper examines the impact of migration on educational attainment in rural Mexico. Using historical migration...

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